Understanding the Rules of Online Slots

Online slots are one of the most popular casino games ever played because the rules are so simple and easy to learn. What many people don't understand are the rules to online slots payouts.

How to Win

In most slot machines, a payout occurs when three or more of the same symbols appear in any active payline. Traditionally, slots featured three reels, but modern slot machines and online slots games may have three, four, or five reels. When four or five of the same symbols appear in a single line, the player wins the highest payout, but will not be credited for more than one win per line.

How Payouts Are Calculated

Depending on the online slots game, players may be able to place different wagers on separate paylines. Winning payouts are based on this amount and the multiplier rate listed in the pay table for the specific combination that appears. Simply multiply the payout rate by the coins wagered on the winning payline to determine how much you win. Each payline is completely independent of the rest.

Scatter Symbol Rules

Some online slots games include a bonus payout when certain symbols appear. Referred to as scatter symbols, these symbols will pay out regardless of where they are on the screen. This winning combination typically pays based on the total amount wagered on the spin and is added to any additional payline wins that may have appeared.

Learning the ins and outs of online slots and their payout rules isn't really necessary. The casino software will automatically calculate your wins, but it's still a good idea to understand how it works.