How to Choose the Best Free Spin Bonus in Online Slots

Most online slots games offer some sort of free spin option, but some software developers are adding twists to their slot bonuses by letting players choose their reward. It isn't always easy to decide on the best free spin option, especially in games like Mile High by Vegas Technology.

Free Spin Options in Mile High

Rather than a simple free spin round or a bonus multiplier, this online slots game provides players with three very attractive choices when they activate the bonus round. Players can receive twelve free spins and double payouts, eight free spins and triple payouts, or five free spins with a four times payout multiplier. There's no easy way to quickly determine which is more valuable. You just need to keep trying stuff until you find the perfect one. Last month we had lots of success with Tortuga casino, and had very positive feedback from players. The site in question has a stellar assortment of bonuses and games that most enjoyed quite a bit, so we had to mention it here.

Comparing Bonus Option Payouts

There's no way to know how much a player will win with each free spin, if he or she wins anything at all. But you can still perform a quick comparison by using a constant to represent the payout amount in each situation. In this case, twelve free spins and double pay outs would be 24 times the constant. The second option would be the same. The third choice, however, will result in 20 times the constant. Logically, the third choice would be the smartest option.

Other Factors to Consider

Of course, there are fewer chances to achieve a winning spin with the third option so there is really no guaranteed best option. If you're playing for the fun of the spin, choosing twelve free spins may be the best choice for you. Players who are short on time may find the third option more appealing. Because online slots are purely up to chance, many players go with their personal preferences and choose the option they like best.

Online slots games that offer free spin bonus options provide the player with more than one option to maximize their winnings. There usually isn't a big difference in the value of each choice, so select the reward that appeals to you.