Free Spins in Online Slots

Online slots games integrate a variety of features and extras that keep the excitement level high for players. Free spins are one of the most alluring of these features and come in a variety of intriguing formats.

How Free Slots Spins Work

Free spins in online slots are randomly awarded to various players. The free spin activates automatically, without any bets being placed and nothing is deducted from the player's casino account. If the free spin results in a win, however, the player receives the full payout. The most popular online slot machines include an array of special effects during the free spin.

Audio Visual Effects

Upbeat music and a faster paced spin of the reels accompany almost every free online slots spin. Mayan Princess and Arctic Fortune, both by Microgaming, have a black background during the free spin rather than the standard light colored screen. Themed slot machines may feature a completely unique background during free spin rounds. Ocean Dreams by Realtime Gaming, for instance, switches to a deep water scene rather than the standard island background.

Audio and visual effects are very important for gamers and besides gameplay its the main features they seek. With so many casino and arcade games today you should always look for the best ones that are preferably free to play.

Other Free Spin Bonuses

Some online slots developers get very creative and come up with truly unique ways to make their free spins better than the rest. Moonshine, a story slot game by Microgaming, relates the tale of a mountain family and their illegal moonshine operation. The symbols tell the story, ending with the authorities coming to make their arrests. The symbols change when the free spin is activated, providing players with an alternate ending.

Free spins in online slots are an exciting way for casinos to reward their players. The special effects and extra features are almost as enticing as the thought of free winnings!