Online Slots Games with Split Symbols

Most modern online slots games feature five reels, allowing five symbols to appear on each payline. As online slots developers continue to push the envelope on innovation, games are emerging with even more symbols, which means even more chances of winning.

Seven Reel Slots by Vegas Technology

A seven-reel slot machine was unheard of until Vegas Technology developed two of them called Lucky 7s and Farming Futures. The only difference in these online slots games and a typical five reel game is that seven symbols appear across each payline. Activated paylines have several opportunities to pay out, with winning combinations ranging from three to seven matching symbols.

Noah's Ark by WagerWorks

This intriguing online slots variation can show up to 10 different symbols in a single payline using a concept of split symbols. The symbols in this game are primarily animals from the Ark and may show up alone or could appear as a pair. While there are only five reels, a pair of animals always counts as two symbols, so players can win with up to 10 matches.

Blade by Playtech

Another five reel online slots game that makes use of split symbols is Blade by Playtech. If the Blade Split symbol appears in the fifth reel, it will automatically split the last symbol of any winning combinations for greater wins. Creative animations are included when the split symbol shows up, depicting Blade drawing his sword and using it to split the appropriate symbol.

Split symbols in online slots are a creative way for game developers to give players more opportunities to win without having to expand the number of reels in their slots games.